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Cavities can be extremely painful and cause excessive damage to your teeth if not immediately repaired. Dr. Sharma and the staff of New Hope Dentist create filling with a variety of materials to effectively repair cavities. If you live in the Cedar Park, Texas area or any nearby communities, contact Dr. Sharma to schedule an appointment. She will evaluate your teeth and make any and all repairs necessary to keep your smile as beautiful as possible.

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Are silver amalgam fillings safe?

While there has been some debate concerning their safety in the past, silver/mercury amalgam fillings have been determined to be safe for use in both children above the age of six and adults. Dr. Sharma can place the amalgam within a cavity and shape it to fit the surface of the tooth. This also allows it to fit the tooth directly above or below it, creating a snug connection that neither hinders chewing nor damages the other teeth.

Are composite sealants and resins effective when used as filling material?

Composite sealants and resins are effective when used to fill cavities and small cracks. Unlike the silver amalgam used to fill molars, it doesn’t shape as easily and is best when used on cavities that are visible when a person smiles.

Composite sealants and resin materials can be used to replace silver amalgam if you would prefer to not have the darker material showing when you open your mouth. Most silver amalgam fillings can start to break down after several years. This isn't the case when these other materials are used: Resins and sealants experience very little wear and tear and won't crumble with age.

Are fillings supposed to be permanent?

A cavity must be filled to prevent further damage to the tooth, and the material that's used will determine whether or not the filling is permanent. Silver amalgam fillings can last for several years, but they may eventually start to crumble and leave the pulp of the tooth exposed.

Composite sealants and resins, on the other hand, become extremely hard as they begin to cure. They won't wear away or chip over time. Once they're in place and sanded down to the appropriate height, they can remain in place for many years, many times outlasting silver fillings. At your yearly checkup, Dr. Sharma will examine each of your fillings to determine if they're in good shape or if they need to be replaced.

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