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Crowns and bridges are tools that Dr. Dimple Sharma uses to help restore the natural appearance of your smile. Using a crown or bridge will help keep your teeth in proper alignment and will prevent related jaw pain and discomfort. At New Hope Dentist, Dr. Sharma and her staff use digital diagnostics to create crowns and bridges that look completely natural. If you live in the Cedar Park, Texas, area, or any of the surrounding communities, the staff of this facility encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Sharma to discuss your options.

Crowns and Bridges Q & A

When are crowns and bridges used?

Dr. Sharma uses crowns and bridges if you’ve lost one or more teeth and are trying to retain the integrity of your teeth and jawline. A crown is made in the shape of a single tooth and matched in color to those that will surround it. The same applies to bridges, except these will be comprised of two or more teeth.

Dr. Sharma can evaluate the structure of your mouth and determine if a crown or bridge would provide you with the stability you need, support your teeth, and allow the structures in your mouth to function more efficiently.

Are crowns meant to be permanent?

Crowns are normally made of a high-grade porcelain, which can last for several years with proper care. Most crowns can last from five to ten years if they are well designed and fit naturally in your mouth. Porcelain doesn’t wear down like composite resins, so crowns or teeth with bridges will maintain their original form for several years.

Dr. Sharma and the staff of New Hope Dentist use digital diagnostics and computer generated programs to create crowns. This technology ensures crowns or partials will fit as naturally as possible in your mouth, protecting them from damage caused by pressure or misaligned teeth.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Crowns and partials are often used in conjunction with dental implants. A small metal post is placed in the bone of your jaw, allowing it to heal properly. Then Dr. Sharma can also attach a crown or partial, creating a natural-looking group of teeth. While crowns are directly attached to their implants, partials can be snapped in and out of the mouth for easy cleaning.

Unlike partials that attach to teeth, dental implants create stable anchors that hold appliances in place without slipping or trapping food. The use of implants also helps maintain the integrity of your jaw by preventing bone loss.

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