Dental Checkup Specialist

Dental Checkup Specialist

Your dental health is extremely important. Dr. Sharma and the staff of New Hope Dentist encourage you and your family to receive dental checkups at least once a year. During a dental checkup, she can identify potential problems that can have a dramatic impact on the health of your teeth; early detection and repair can save your teeth and keep your smile looking bright and beautiful. If you live in or near the Cedar Park, Texas area, you’re encouraged to contact the staff and schedule your appointment today.

Dental Checkup Q & A

Why are dental checkups important?

Annual dental checkups are extremely important for good oral health. Your mouth can change dramatically over the period of one year; cracks can appear in teeth or cavities may develop. Allowing Dr. Sharma to carefully examine your teeth and your mouth’s soft tissues enables her to find any abnormalities that need to be repaired or addressed.

Identifying and treating these problems in a timely fashion will prevent them from damaging your teeth and causing major issues that require extensive treatment. A good example of this is filling a small cavity before it leads to an infection that requires a root canal, or worse.

When should a child have their first dental checkup?

Dr. Sharma and the staff of New Hope Dentist recommend that children have their first dental visit around the age of one. This not only allows her to evaluate the development of your child’s teeth, it also helps to build a positive bond between the staff of the facility and the child. Creating a positive relationship at an early age prevents the child from being fearful of visiting the office.

Visiting Dr. Sharma’s office at an early age allows her to uncover any potential problems your child’s teeth may have, such as abnormal growth or development, cavities, and structural problems that may eventually affect the way they speak.

What does Dr. Sharma look for during a dental checkup?

When Dr. Sharma performs a yearly dental checkup, she looks primarily for any defects that may have appeared since your last visit. This can mean small cavities or cracks in enamel that will eventually result in larger imperfections, which can eventually damage your teeth beyond repair.

Dr. Sharma will also look closely at soft tissues of the mouth to determine if there are any abnormalities in those areas as well. She’ll also look for plaque and tartar buildup that can result from not brushing or flossing properly. She can advise you on proper techniques and show you how to properly care for your teeth to prevent the buildup from occurring later.

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