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Quality dentures can restore both form and function to your mouth, but they also assist in the digestion process and improve your smile’s appearance. At New Hope Dentist in Cedar Park, Texas, Dr. Sharma and her staff use state-of-the-art digital technology to create dentures that fit comfortably and look natural. Each denture is customized to your individual needs using your mouth as a guide. If you have questions about your dentures or are looking for a new set, contact New Hope Dentist and schedule an appointment online with us today or give us a call.

We also do Implant supported fixed and removable dentures.

Dentures Q & A

When should you consider getting dentures?

If you’ve lost one or two teeth, the idea of getting dentures may seem to be a little much. On the other hand, if your teeth are heavily damaged and you experience cavities or tooth loss on a regular basis, dentures may be the best option. If your teeth aren’t healthy nor in good condition, you can’t chew your food properly. It also creates an environment that allows for rapid bacterial growth.

Dentures offer several benefits. Not only do they give the appearance of a full set of natural teeth, they also allow you to chew your food properly. The pain and discomfort that often accompany broken and decaying teeth are also eliminated.

Do you still need to visit the dentist for a yearly checkup if you have dentures?

Dr. Sharma recommends visiting her office every one or two years, even if you have dentures. Regular visits allow her to monitor the health of your gums and other soft tissues. She can also check how well your dentures fit and adjust them if they’re causing lesions or blisters to form on your gums.

Dentures must also be properly maintained. Dr. Sharma will check them regularly to determine if it’s time for them to be relined or adjusted in any way. Dentures need to be relined every five years or so to maintain proper fit and prevent them from slipping as you chew or speak.

Can your teeth indicate health problems in other areas of the body?

The mouth is the gateway to the body. When a person is sick, it can provide clues as to what type of illness or infection may be present. Teeth that break or chip easily can be a sign of a calcium or other mineral deficiencies. Gums that tend to be more white than pink can also indicate nutritional imbalances, or it could be a sign of infection deep in the body. Certain medications can also weaken teeth, causing them to chip, break, or become discolored.

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