Regular Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning

Did you know that according to the American Dental Association, 47.2 percent of adults experience chronic gum disease? In those cases, you need a deep cleaning to help mitigate the damage and get your gums healthy again. With the help of our team at New Hope Dentist, we’ll let you know whether you need a regular cleaning or a deep cleaning at your routine checkup. Learn more with the help of our Austin dentist, Dr. Sharma, about the differences between these two cleanings and how your smile will benefit.

What is a Regular Dental Cleaning?

Regular cleaning is probably what you’re most used to. Although it’s less extensive than deep cleaning, it’s necessary for both the look and cleanliness of your teeth. Our hygienists will remove tartar buildup with a scaler as well as brush and floss your teeth till they shine.

You’ll find that regular dental cleaning is a preventative measure against tooth decay and gingivitis. However, if tartar has already begun to invade your gumline, you’ll need to have a deep cleaning.

What is a Deep Cleaning?

If you have gums that are red and swollen, a deep cleaning may be necessary. This indicates that your gums are suffering from a bacterial infection. In this case, our hygienists will clean below your gum line to the roots of your teeth.

Using a manual scraper and an ultrasonic device, they’ll remove plaque as well as rub the rough spots at the roots of your teeth. Over time, this process will help your infected gums attach to your teeth and become healthy again.

Do You Need Deep Cleaning?

You’ll know that you may need a deep cleaning if our Austin dentist recommends it for a future appointment. We may have noticed that you have tartar that wasn’t able to be removed with a regular cleaning.

You may also be experiencing symptoms of gum disease, such as bleeding gums when you brush, loose teeth, swelling of your gums, and more. Our team may also find that you’re at risk for periodontal disease when your gum pockets are over 5 millimeters in depth.

In this case, a deep cleaning is necessary.

What to Expect During a Deep Cleaning

If you do need a deep cleaning, there’s no need to be afraid. A deep cleaning also means you’re on the road for healthier teeth and gums! If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of a deep cleaning, we encourage you to ask Dr. Sharma about any potential sedation options that may be available to you. We want the best for your smile, especially as we fight back against gum disease.

After your deep cleaning, speak with our Austin dentist to talk more about the frequency of your routine cleanings, as well as any tips that you can do at home to protect and strengthen your smile. It’s best to schedule your next appointment before you leave this one – that way, you’ll always be ahead of the curve for your future visits!

Regardless of what type of cleaning you need, make sure you’re brushing and flossing twice a day. These two simple steps will do so much to protect your teeth and gums, even though you may not realize it. If you’re looking for more helpful dental health tips, or are ready to schedule an appointment with our team, call New Hope Dentist at (512) 259-6577 today and our front desk staff will assist in picking the best date and time.